Updated 8/18/14 - Beer Die Leaderboard (5 Games Minimum) DieMetric Rating: Alfy Danielson - 44.5 Lars Skarie - 43.9 Shawn Powell - 43.7    Sinks: Mike Mackin - 47 Lars Skarie, Alfy Danielson - 17 Chris Perry - 16    Defensive Percentage: Lars Skarie - 82.0% Alfy Danielson - 81.0% Drew Dickenson - 80.0%     Win Percentage: Joe Carroll - 80.0% Andrew Klawitter - 78.4% Alfy Danielson - 75.5%     

Beer Die is a gentleman's game founded some forty years ago. Standard rules call for four players, a die, table, four cups, and beer.

I can’t wait for the history channel to run a one hour special on this.
— Bob Hansen


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